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Advice from the Local Authority on Private Fostering


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Advice for Parents-if you needed to make a complaint...

Educate Against Hate-Advice for Parents...Protecting your children from radicalisation and extremism. 

How local school children contributed to the Local Authority Primary School Electronic Health Needs Assessment 2016 [Click here].

Phonics Policy Link to DOE  Letters and Sounds  Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics


Links to websites that may be of interest to you - Extra Learning...

Phonics Play Games                                                                                  Star Wars - Coding                                                                                   A Maze Race - Brain Teaser Game                                

CBeebies                                                                                                    Minecraft - Coding                                                                                    See-Saw Logic - Brain Teaser Game

TES Resources                                                                                          BBC - Learn Spanish                                                                                             Fun Tasks - Print Out

Halifax North & East                                                                           Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage - Brain Teaser Game

BBC Local Weather                                                                            Spider - Brain Teaser Game          

Calderdale LA                                                                                        Leap Froggies - Brain Teaser Game

Hearing Loss                                                                                            Pool Practice - Brain Teaser Game

Impaired Vision                                                                                     Connect Four - Brain Teaser Game

Mental Maths Boot Camp                                                                       Battleship - Brain Teaser Game


Links to local high school websites:

Trinity Academy

North Halifax Grammar

Ravenscliffe High School and Sports College

Park Lane Learning Trust

Brooksbank Sports College

Hipperholme & Lightcliffe High School and Sports College

Crossley Heath


Our Virtual Learning Environment: